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Spanish Launch and Italian Minor Bestseller

As the weather has a hint of fall and the grapes are close to harvest, I continue to roll out translations of Unfettered Journey. The Spanish edition, Un viaje sin confines, launched today.

The international acceptance is something of a mystery. This week the Italian edition, Un viaggio senza confini, briefly hit #1 on a minor Amazon bestseller list (religious fiction and fantasy), while also reaching #12 in the category of metaphysical and visionary fiction (‘‘metaficica e visionaria”), and #69 in science fiction adventures (“Avventure di fantascienza”). Is there some particular attraction in Italy to the book cover?

Now that foot traffic has returned to most bookstores, I am hoping to see the novel more in bricks-and-mortar locations. Four bookstores agreed to take it this past week, including the local Copperfield’s Books in Napa, a Books Inc. in San Francisco, and independent bookstores in Davis and Pasadena, California. And Dartfrog will distribute it to numerous bookstores in November.

Thanks for following my journey. It’s near football season, so enjoy your fall, and GO NINERS.


20210903-Italian Best Seller in 3 categories
20210903-Italian Best Seller
20210903-Italian Best Seller-2
20210903-Italian Best Seller-3 Avventure di fantascienza

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