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Double Book Awards

It's time for a brief note about my writing odyssey. Unfettered Journey has just garnered TWO book awards for best 2020 fiction book. Earlier this month the Wishing Shelf, based in London, announced its 2020 awards and my novel made the Finalist list. Yesterday the Eric Hoffer Book Award ‘First Horizon Finalists’ list included Unfettered Journey, and tonight I learned that my novel was named as the winner of the First Horizon Award. I am grateful to see this recognition for my cross-genre novel.

One bit of learning on this writing journey has been to find how the old-line publishers still control the business. The major book awards are reserved for books released by the big publishers (The National Book Award, PEN/Faulkner Awards, the Booker Prize, and many others). But there are a few in which Indie books can compete for a bit of recognition. Here is a nod to the other ‘rebels’ creating books without the constraint of some bottom-line profit motive, to write unique books to reflect what is in our hearts, what we see of this human experience, to share with everyone.

Meanwhile, the translations of Unfettered Journey continue. The Italian translation, Un viagio senza confini launched yesterday, with the first Italian book reviews expected later this week. You can find it on, among many other places. Next up is the Brazilian Portuguese translation. The French translation launched in January, and you can find some of the reviews on my French author website here.

Thanks for following my journey. And I’m grateful for the 115 positive reviews. (If you haven’t left one, you can do so with a minute spent here.)

I trust you are getting your vaccination shots, so we all can get back to normal soon. Thanks for reading, as the journey continues.


Eric Hoffer Book Awards 20210426 WINNER
Wishing Shelf Book Awards-Finalist
Un viaggio senza confini

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