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Brazilian Portuguese Translation Launch and DRM

We harvested the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from our vineyard this morning, to stay ahead of possible fire weather (as there are concerns about winds here in Napa, sparking fires in the still dry conditions). The season begins to change, and I continue to roll out translations of Unfettered Journey. The Brazilian Portuguese edition, Jornada Sem Limite, launched today.

As the book was loaded onto the publishing platforms (IngramSpark, Amazon, Smashwords), one entry stopped my progress – what about DRM (digital rights management) in Brazil? Need I worry about book piracy? A quick search suggested that piracy has been a challenge in Brazil for parts of the last two decades, with the US calling for more rigorous enforcement of intellectual property rights laws by the Brazilian government. Perhaps those efforts have had an effect. Another search unearthed studies of relative book piracy rates, and those now placed Brazil not worse than some European countries (including the UK and Spain). I opted to worry less about illegal copies of my book and to focus on the main objective: to encourage as many people as possible to read the book and to engage with the ideas.

Thanks for following my journey.


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