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A Free Book for the New Year

We begin a new year with renewed hope, that this year can be far better than last, and that the world can move forward. If you are looking for reason to hope for the future, then Unfettered Journey might be your next book. And this week you can find the Kindle and epub editions for free. Please tell your friends about this 3-day special sale.

I’m gratified by the response to the novel, with over 70 positive reviews on Amazon. (If you haven’t left one, you can do so with a minute spent here.) This year I’m looking forward to the international rollout of Unfettered Journey. I’ll be announcing the French edition shortly, with the title Un Voyage sans Entraves, which you can follow via my French author page at

Happy New Year!



The Hunger Games meets West World.”


“It’s a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story…a future that feels eerily authentic…”
- She’s Single Magazine

“The world is as richly imagined as the Bladerunner movie.”
- Midwest Book Review

“That ending was jaw dropping. What a ride!”
- The Literary Vixen

Unfettered Journey is a futuristic and philosophical romantic adventure perfect for 2020.”
- Bookish Muses

"Unfettered Journey is an existential adventure for the mind and a lot more besides."
- Carly Newfeld, The Last Word, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio

"Shades of Huxley and Asimov. Gary F. Bengier has created a science fiction adventure that is reminiscent of the masters."
- Lee Scott, for the Florida Times-Union

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