Unfettered Journey

The Hunger Games meets Westworld.”

Unfettered Journey is the story of Joe Denkensmith, an AI scientist who seeks to create true robot consciousness. He leaves everything behind to find answers. But a mysterious woman on a personal mission interrupts his search. Fighting unjust forces, Joe is swept into an evil plot that neither can elude. Their struggles against machines, men, and nature test the resilience of the human spirit.

"It's a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story ... a future that feels eerily authentic..."  - She's Single Magazine

Unfettered Journey Appendices

The rigorous philosophical ideas behind this novel are further explained in an academic book, Unfettered Journey Appendices. It is available in paperback and is included with the hardbound version of the novel. Go deep into the philosophy.

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We all have many journeys. Gary’s began in a small Midwest town, where he could play unfettered in the woods, finding an early love for nature and learning self-reliance. The space program and the night skies hooked him on astronomy. After finishing college, the wide world beckoned, and his fascination with science drew him to California to participate in the booming tech industry. Now he still stares upward, wondering what it all is about.

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Unfettered Journey launches

By Gary F. Bengier | September 5, 2020

The day is here at last, and Unfettered Journey has launched. Today my novel is available worldwide, in multiple formats. You can find it on Amazon, IngramSpark, and Smashwords. I have versions in Kindle, paperback, ePub ebook, and two hardbound editions (with those including the separate philosophical “Appendices” book for free). The audiobook should follow… Read More »Unfettered Journey launches

Embedded Chips Leading to Human Cyborgs?

By Gary F. Bengier | August 30, 2020

A mechanical voice from the NEST chip buried below his left temporal lobe and connected to his ear confirmed the deletion by saying, “Neural-to-External Systems Transmitter has lost connection to Personal Intelligent Digital Assistant, PIDA Raidne.” From Unfettered Journey, taking place in the year 2161 The blog title above is a question, not a statement.… Read More »Embedded Chips Leading to Human Cyborgs?

Unfettered Journey-the Audiobook

By Gary F. Bengier | August 9, 2020

I’ve been reviewing the audiotapes for the Unfettered Journey audiobook these last several days. Dryw McArthur, a Shakespearean actor and voice actor from New Zealand, has done a beautiful job, with his mastery of voices. I’m hoping to have the audiobook ready for release together with the novel in paperback and Kindle on Labor Day.… Read More »Unfettered Journey-the Audiobook

More Bee Zen: Work Around the Bee Yard

By Gary F. Bengier | July 26, 2020

And now, let’s all take a deep breath, and try to relax. It’s time for a quick trip to the apiary, and this time, to work around the bee yard. Here are a few moments to spend with the bees.

More Bee Zen: Harvest More Honey Part 2

By Gary F. Bengier | July 19, 2020

And now, let’s all take a deep breath, and try to relax. It’s time for a quick trip to the apiary, and this time, to harvest more honey. Here are a few moments to spend with the bees.

Chasing Eclipses

By Gary F. Bengier | July 18, 2020

“It’s an interesting vacation algorithm.” A fellow eclipse chaser uttered that line as we stood still breathless after watching our first total solar eclipse in 2005. He went on to explain. With our astronomical mastery of celestial mechanics, we can calculate the occurrence of every eclipse as far into the future as we wish. They… Read More »Chasing Eclipses