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More Bee Zen: Helping Bees Deal With Natural Threats Part 4

And now, let’s all take a deep breath, and try to relax. It’s time for a quick trip to the apiary, and this time, to learn some techniques to help bees deal with natural threats. Here are a few moments to spend with the bees.

2 thoughts on “More Bee Zen: Helping Bees Deal With Natural Threats Part 4”

  1. Should we provide some water for bees in mid summer in the Sierras? They really love a drink of 4-1 hummingbird water.

    1. Yes, giving them water is a good idea. I’d check your area and think about what their regular water sources are and then ask if they might be seasonal. For example, a local creek near my apiary is now dry for the summer. I invested in (for maybe $15) one of those pet watering bowls, and hooked it up to a garden hose. (It has a float sort of like a toilet bowl. When the water level falls, then it turns on for a minute and refills the bowl.) I keep it near the apiary. The bees then have that water source close.

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