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More Bee Zen: Harvesting Honey

Gary here. Thanks for stopping by!

It’s the weekend, after another week of social distancing here in northern California.

And now, let’s all take a deep breath, and try to relax. It’s time for a quick trip to the apiary, and this time, to harvest some honey from one of our flow hives. Join me with my trusty assistant. Here are a few moments to spend with the bees.

Be well, and stay calm.

2 thoughts on “More Bee Zen: Harvesting Honey”

  1. Hi Gary,
    You may find this interesting:
    Many of old esoteric traditions speak of a great being, who sits at the center of all creation and governs all life in our planetary system. This is akin to the power of the queen bee. In a hive, all bees serve the queen and their synarchy (a circular rather than linear hierarchy) is divided into different levels of workers and drones. The queen symbolically and chemically maintains the focus and the direction of every single member. If the queen dies, the hive falls into chaos and dies. No one in Synarchy is above anyone else because at all times there is an awareness of the group’s inherent oneness. Each unit (bee) has a perfect fit in the overall geometry and if there is no resistance in each, the totality can function as one.

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