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Blog: The Future

Blog theme: What will it REALLY be like?

Let's Talk About the Future

I think that science fiction has begun to do a disservice. It is HARD to predict the future. But then many do not try with any accuracy or respect for the laws of physics. There will not be dragons in the future, except of our own making. Let's take a hard science view. What will it really look like? I believe that together we can better imagine it. If we do that well, then we can create it. We can create that better future, one worth living in, if not for ourselves, then for future humanity. We owe that to them.

The Future

Future Credit$-How Many EACH?

By Gary F. Bengier | July 4, 2020

Not many years ago, Bill Gates had $50 billion in his pocket to claim world’s richest man status. This week, Jeff Bezos was reported to have ADDED $56 billion this year (now at $172 billion) to hold that spot. That’s a lot EACH. For a few years, I’ve been thinking about the longer-term trajectory of… Read More »Future Credit$-How Many EACH?

Building a Utopian (or Dystopian) Future

By Gary F. Bengier | July 10, 2020

“So that’s the Combat Dome? It’s bigger than I expected. I didn’t realize there were all these surrounding domes attached to it.” “It’s called that by the mainstream net media, but not by those of us who live here. We call it the Community Dome, or just the Dome.” . . . That excerpt from… Read More »Building a Utopian (or Dystopian) Future

Embedded Chips Leading to Human Cyborgs?

By Gary F. Bengier | August 30, 2020

A mechanical voice from the NEST chip buried below his left temporal lobe and connected to his ear confirmed the deletion by saying, “Neural-to-External Systems Transmitter has lost connection to Personal Intelligent Digital Assistant, PIDA Raidne.” From Unfettered Journey, taking place in the year 2161 The blog title above is a question, not a statement.… Read More »Embedded Chips Leading to Human Cyborgs?