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Unfettered Journey

A profound, many-layered journey, a deep philosophical adventure.

HBS Harvard Business School
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"The world is as richly imagined as the Bladerunner movie."
- Midwest Book Review

"It's a captivating and fast-paced futuristic love story ... a future that feels eerily authentic..."
- She's Single Magazine

"That ending was jaw dropping. What a ride!"
- The Literary Vixen

"Unfettered Journey is a futuristic and philosophical romantic adventure perfect for 2020."
- Bookish Muses

"... an epic expedition into the nature of consciousness, God, Reality, and the minds of Man."
- IndieReader; IR Approved

Unfettered Journey is an existential adventure for the mind and a lot more besides.”
- Carly Newfeld, The Last Word, KSFR Santa Fe Public Radio

“Shades of Huxley and Asimov. Gary F. Bengier has created a science fiction adventure that is reminiscent of the masters.”
- Lee Scott, for the Florida Times-Union

Thanks for coming on this trip to the future in Unfettered Journey.

"An adventure for the mind on many levels, from the thrilling action scenes to the philosophical examination of society, the universe, and our role in both."
- Raissa D'Souza,
External Professor and member of the Science Board at the Santa Fe Institute;
Professor of Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis

"It's a love story filled with memorable characters, with a plot that leaves you holding your breath at the dramatic conclusion."
- Chris Flink, Executive Director, the Exploratorium of San Francisco

"The novel explores deep questions at the intersection of physics and philosophy, with characters you will love."
- Alex Filippenko,
Professor of Astronomy, and Distinguished Professor in the Physical Sciences, University of California, Berkeley

"Unfettered Journey is a fast-paced adventure that simultaneously explores profound problems in the philosophy of mind."
- Carlos Montemayor,
Associate Chair, Department of Philosophy, San Francisco State University