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A journey through the 21st century

Confidential! (A sneak peek...coming soon)

I thought that Unfettered Journey was my last speculative fiction novel, with a hard-science setting in the year 2161. That debut novel was more philosophical and spiritual in theme (as evidenced by several of the 14 book awards that it won). Given its realistic world building, fans clamored for more details, especially asking, "how did humanity get from here to there?" They convinced me to try again.

That's the impetus for One Hundred Years of Challenges. First, it is a human, personal story with characters you will love. Second, this novel provides a hard-science view of how the next century – between 2025 and 2125 – might really play out. Forget the hyped tech Utopias proclaimed by many, and the apocalyptic hellscapes depicted by others. Let's imagine how it might actually happen, and then focus on what we can do together to make our future the best we can.

One Hundred Years of Challenges

The 21st century –
What’s really ahead?

Can this family survive?


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One Hundred Years of Challenges is a speculative fiction novel of approximately ninety thousand words. It would be found on a bookstore shelf between The Martian by Andy Weir and The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson.

It’s 2125 when a long-separated grandson suddenly arrives on his doorstep looking for answers. Max MacGyver retells their family story and secrets, revealing a century of challenges that they and humanity have faced, of how we collectively weathered the tragedy and chaos from accelerating change. One Hundred Years of Challenges is one family’s touching story across generations of adventure, rivalry, loss, survival, and resilience.

This is the story of a family facing our future. A small boy escapes war in Taiwan. A young woman flees catastrophe driven by climate change in Africa. Family members build robot companies, and others deal with the trauma of jobs lost to automation. A young couple fight for privacy and democracy. Lives are positively transformed by biomedical science and threatened by it.

At its heart, One Hundred Years of Challenges is the story, transpiring over a single day, of a young boy and his grandfather. Why did his parents decide to move to the Commune? What family secrets will his grandfather disclose?

This is a hard-science tour of our future. Take this journey with Max MacGyver and his grandson, as they reveal their family history, and the road ahead this century for humanity.

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