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Gary F. Bengier

Writer, philosopher,

and technologist.

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Unfettered Journey Appendices

The rigorous philosophical ideas behind this novel are further explained in an academic book, Unfettered Journey Appendices. It is available (in paperback, Kindle and ePub) as a stand-alone book, and is included for free with the hardbound version of the novel.


Underlying the novel, Unfettered Journey, is a set of philosophical ideas that are not standard speculative fiction hand-waving. The ideas are a serious attempt to offer an alternative hypothesis about what is real, and a philosophical framework to think about it.


Current physics leads to the conclusion that we do not yet understand something deeply hidden about the structure of the universe. Quantum physics and relativity in the Standard Model are inconsistent, so the Standard Model is unfinished. What are physicists and astronomers missing? Meanwhile, philosophers seem far behind this scientific conversation. The fields do not converse much. The ideas found in Unfettered Journey Appendices: Philosophical Explorations on Time, Ontology, and the Nature of Mind are a radical, but sincere attempt to engage that conversation, with a hypothesis to perhaps lead in another direction.

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